How to Use Setting Spray for Glowing Look throughout the Day?

Good looks and perfect glow can win over everyone’s heart at the first look. People are really obsessed with a flawless makeup look that makes them more confident about themselves. Maintaining a makeup look throughout the day is not an easy thing to practice at all, even though you are using quality brands of makeup products. How to use setting spray for makeup look throughout the day?

We are here assisting you regarding the primary way to use the best setting spray for acne-prone skin glowing look throughout the day. If you are also one of them having acne-prone skin, then continue reading until the end.

How to Use Setting Spray

How to use a setting spray for a perfect makeup look?

Makeup is in the limelight since the last decade as people discovered it as art, also a confidence booster for millions. Every one adds makeup to their everyday look to look flawless throughout the day, but due to sweat, pollution, water, and other factors that make makeup look get cakey or ruined. However, it was difficult to maintain the look, so people used to fussed with makeup looks but to deal with things better, setting spray.

Acne-prone or oily skin gets messed up with the makeup very easily, and it is nearly impossible to maintain the makeup look throughout the day. If using the setting spray, then you can make makeup sit for a longer time and prevent it from becoming a cakey look that just makes you look like a makeup disaster.

People who are new to makeup are really confused with setting spray and other product applications to get the fruitful results from it. How about going for a dinner date or party, and all your makeup look get smudged while you are enjoying your time, but you end up with messed up makeup look. Practicing makeup isn’t easy, and getting the perfect glow for your special occasion, but it doesn’t even stick long enough till your special occasion comes to an end, is such a pathetic feeling for one.

Prevents makeup from creasing and smudging

For locking makeup, look for a longer time translucent powders, and setting sprays are the most prominent products to be used for making your glowing look stick until you take it off. If you are wondering what does setting spray or translucent powders to your makeup or face that your makeup gets locked for good enough time, then these products absorb excess oil and add a matte finish or dewy look, which prevents makeup from creasing and smudging.

The use of setting spray, setting mist, or other names used for the makeup component are popular for allowing people to stick their makeup sits for good enough time. The application of this makeup product is really easy, as well as helpful for one to look gorgeous throughout the day.  Before you use setting mist on your face, make sure you have shaken it well before use.  This shaking off the mist ensures that ingredients in it get mixed properly. Allow yourself to have some space before you apply. Makeup enthusiasts and experts recommend maintaining a distance of 7 to 9 inches away from your face.

Once you have completed your makeup and a perfect glow is visible on your skin, then all you need to do is to spray the setting mist all over face and neck to lock the makeup look. It will take a while to settle into your face make sure during this time you are not touching your face.

How to pick the right setting mist for your skin?

We all are familiar with the aspect each one of us have different skin type, and each has different requirements that you need to fulfill for attaining glowing and healthier skin. For people with dry skin must consider for the setting mist with promising moisture or dewy finish. By Using a professional makeup, the dewy setting spray would be optimal to consider for dry skin. There are a variety of brands that allow you to have a healthy and glowing makeup look that can sit for hours and hours.

When finding setting spray for oily or acne-prone skin, they must look for mist with oil control features. Setting spray with oil control feature allows makeup to sit for hours and hours without any creasing also prevents it from shiny appearance. Setting spray with charcoal would be ideal for making use of acne-prone skin that is really favorable for oily and acne-prone skin.

Lightweight setting mist is something that should be considered by each one of the makeup enthusiasts that got no time to do touch-ups every 15 minutes. Also, for sensitive skin, it is better to consider lightweight that doesn’t harm the skin in any way. Before buying a setting, mist considers checking its review to get familiar with its results and know if it is optimal for your skin type or not.  You can get an array of long-lasting to lightweight setting mist for different skin types that ensure other benefits along with locking your makeup look for hours and hours.

So, this was all about setting sprays that can make you look gorgeous throughout the day and help you to enjoy different events without being bothered about makeup getting smudged or creased.

The final wrap

Let us wrap this up, and we have got an insight into how to use a setting spray for the acne-prone skin to prevent the creasing of your makeup. It is appropriate to mention that it would be great for people to pick for setting mist that can allow you to maintain the greatest makeup look for a longer time and completely rock every day with your glamorous look.

Note to remember you have to pick the right setting spray for your face considering your skin health and skin issues that you are struggling with. The application of the sticker is easier than you think, and all you need to practice a spray all over your face and neck once completed makeup. We hope the details stated above make sense to you in comprehending how to lock the glam look for a longer time and rock every occasion with gorgeous looks.

What Makeup Is Safe to Use During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is the most important period which has to undergo very carefully as it involves two lives. At the time of pregnancy you have to be concerned on doing each and every activity. Even have to give importance to the daily activities to you do because in pregnancy there will be hormonal changes and can see many vital differences in the body. Also while pregnant the skin becomes more sensitive too. Usually, when pregnant everyone used to give advice on food which has to be taken and not whereas it is necessary to give importance to the makeup. Not all makeup products were good to use at pregnancy because they were made by using various chemicals which may cause some effects while using at this time.

It doesn’t mean that you have to give up your beauty products and makeup routine as you need to bring some changes in it for the safety of you and your baby. Due to hormone fluctuations and increased blood flow during pregnancy make the skin to be sensitive and some of the ingredients in the makeup products can cause allergies and rashes. In order to keep yourself and your unborn child safe get to know which is the right makeup products to use while pregnant and make use of it to maintain your beauty.

What Makeup Is Safe to Use During Pregnancy?

Stay safe in pregnancy by choosing right makeup products

If you can’t give up putting makeup as your face may not look good without it, then you can prefer the pregnancy safe makeup. It is good to learn which cosmetics are safe to use in pregnancy so that you no need to face any skin irritation and the baby in your womb won’t get affected by any chemicals. When considering about makeup there are plenty of products among them choosing the right cosmetics to use during pregnancy is very important so that there won’t be any problems to you and your little one.

While selecting the makeup products have to keep some points in mind which will be useful to choose the right cosmetics. To be on safer side don’t prefer the cosmetics with toxic ingredients as their exposure causes skin cancer whereas the makeup products with toxic chemical components are highly dangerous for pregnant women. Not only that cosmetic products were made by artificial colors and flavors which can affect the health badly also they may lack behind with essential nutrients. By considering this factors can be helpful to get the cosmetics that won’t cause any adverse effects during pregnancy.

  • Being pregnant should be very careful and it is best to not prefer the makeup products which contains toxic chemicals as they have significant effect on the reproductive health so it is not good for expectant mothers.
  • When buying cosmetics during pregnancy look for the terms such as No parabens, BPA free, No phthalates, Fragrance-free and No DEA. Cosmetic products without these terms are good to use at the time of pregnancy.

How to select the makeup products to use during pregnancy?

You can use makeup when are pregnant, but have to keep in mind regarding the wellness of the baby and your health too as to be on safer side buy the cosmetics which are not harmful. When considering about the cosmetics most common thing which is used by all women is lipstick. While buying lipstick during pregnancy prefer the product that made by using natural ingredients because when eating food or having any drinks the lipstick will be ingested. Through avoiding the products that contain toxic ingredients will help to keep the baby safe and there will be no harm.

Get to know the safe lipstick for pregnancy and shop them to avoid the risks. Whereas it is good to make use of the lipstick that made from organic ingredients while pregnant and avoid the lipstick that contain lead. Mainly have to check the safety certification which is necessary. Like lipstick should have considerations while shopping other cosmetic products such as shampoo, face wash, foundation, face cream, kajal, nail polish and much more. Through preferring safe makeup products you can maintain your beauty even during pregnancy and without causing any effects.

Best lipsticks to use while pregnant


This lipstick assures safety as it is lead, gluten and paraben free lipstick not only that it is made by using natural ingredients. This lipstick consists of natural oils and extracts of orchid flower, jojoba and coconut so it is safe to use.

Ecco Bella lipstick

This product add color to the lips and offers lip protection for the entire day in a safe manner even pregnant women can use this as it is gluten, paraben and fragrance free. It is safe for pregnant women because it made from essential ingredients without using any toxic chemical components.

100% pure fruit pigmented pomegranate oil lipstick

It add color to the lips also it have anti-aging benefits. It is pregnancy-safe as it doesn’t have any chemicals, preservatives and synthetic dyes whereas this product makes the lips to look beautiful without using toxic ingredients.

EVXO All-Natural lipstick

It is also a great option for women as it is an organic and vegan lipstick. They were available in different colors and by applying this lipstick the color of the lips will be lasts for long time.

Use online to find and shop cosmetics safe for pregnancy

Excess of makeup products and number of brands were available whereas choosing the cosmetics that are safe to use during pregnancy is little hard. Yet this can be done easily by using online as you can browse in internet regarding the pregnancy safe cosmetic products and it shows the suggestions with the listing of brands according to the product category. You can go through the suggestions and choose the best one to use also you can shop them in online shopping sites itself. Through using safe makeup products while pregnant will prevent you and your baby from harmful effects and avoid the risks of health problems as well.

How to Put an End to Itchy Scalp and How Long Does Folliculitis Last Untreated?

When it concerns scalp issues, itchy scalp with loss of hair can be the most irritating to eliminate. Not just do they trigger you to lose your as soon as ideal head of hair, however it likewise is an inconvenience to handle, for apparent factors. The good idea about itchy scalp with loss of hair is that there is constantly a method to eliminate the signs.

Let’s go over eczema. It is a condition that might trigger your itchy scalp to have loss of hair issues.


Eczema – is a relatively typical condition and impacts around 10 – 20 percent of the United States population. Its look differs in between individual to individual and is given to individuals who have a history of allergic reactions or asthma.

The core reason for eczema is unidentified, however connected to allergic reactions and often irregular actions in the body immune system and can be set off by causes such as tension and skin irritants.


Signs consist of itching which establishes a rash, which then causes more extreme itching.

In order to get rid of this, attempt not to scratch the itches typically as it can result in bacterial infections and hair fall. Attempt to get water cleansers for your shower heads and faucets and use moisturizers frequently. Try out the antibacterial shampoo folliculitis.

How Long Does Folliculitis Last Untreated

Head Lice

Head Lice – it’s most likely not understood, however head lice can be a factor towards itchy scalp and loss of hair. What occurs is that the lice like to live behind the contaminated’s ears and trigger inflammation to the scalp. When they see a scratched location (one that’s been inflamed due to excessive scratching) and enter it, it harms the hair roots and triggers it to stop growing hair and trigger it to fall out.

Loss Of Hair, Itchy Scalp – Causes and Mitigation.

Ever felt consistent itches on your scalp, scratched it and came away with loose hairs of hair? If this is you, you’re not alone. Many individuals have issues with loss of hair and itchy scalps, however they do not understand the reasons for it.

Sebum is produced by the scalp and assists to secure the hair. It oils the hair, keeping it smooth and smooth and likewise nurtures the hair roots. Too much of a great thing can be bad. If excessive sebum is produced, it can trigger inflammation, soreness and flaking. The scalp and hair feels oily and the more your scratch your scalp, the even worse the issue ends up being.

Wash your hair

In such a case, it’s an excellent concept to hair shampoo and condition your hair, washing your hair completely. This is to clean your hair and scalp of any dirt, or residue from styling items. Dirt or item residue can trigger or more aggravate the condition.

When it comes to hair shampoos and conditioners, it’s likewise essential to examine that these are appropriate for you. When purchasing a brand-new hair shampoo, do not opt for bulk. Purchase a little bottle and test it out for a week approximately. Does it trigger irritation? This is specifically real for individuals with a delicate scalp. If your brand-new, or perhaps present, hair shampoo or conditioner is a possible cause for the inflammation, modification to another one and see if it assists. In the long run, such inflammation might trigger hair to drop, or the thinning of hair.

Make sure to not get captured in the rain. If you do get captured in the rain, clean your hair as quickly as you reach house. Water consists of chemicals that get taken in as rain drops travel through the air, and when your hair is damp with such chemical-laden rain, the chemicals might trigger the scalp to get inflamed and hair issues might result.

Where Can I Discover an Enduring Treatment to Treat My Itchy Scalp?

What is an itchy, flaky scalp? There are several causes and the meaning of flaky scalp. You might see little flakes of skin come off the head from dandruff itching, when the function of the sebaceous gland might be over-stimulated.

In more major conditions like psoriasis, eczema/dermatitis, the flakes can be much bigger, and the itchy skin inflamed and unpleasant. All of these conditions need a customized treatment consisting of active ingredients which will not just relieve the signs, however likewise deal with the cause for a lasting itchy scalp treatment.

Other reasons for itching scalp.

‘Traction’ damage to the scalp causes an itchy, delicate scalp and occurs when hair is regularly retreated from the scalp by tight plaits, ponytails and some kinds of hair extensions. This harms the hair roots (roots) and leads to agonizing and inflamed skin.

Specialized itchy scalp hair shampoo and treatment creams.

Scalp hair care with clinically created scalp components is necessary to promote and stabilize the recovery blood circulation to harmed skin. When you deal with itchy scalp with clinically developed scalp items, you are likewise dealing with the brand-new hairs. Rather of the hair shafts emerging currently harmed, you see healthy, more powerful hair growing and the dry, flaky, itchy scalp treated.

Where can I discover specific treatment for my delicate, itchy scalp?

Go to a knowledgeable hair treatment beauty parlor where they can reveal you precisely what is a scalp treatment and how you can continue the treatment in the house in between consultations. If you are unable to discover a hair treatment beauty salon in your location, do not stress due to the fact that you can now purchase recovery scalp items online.

The perk is that “at the very same time” they make your scalp skin more resistant to other inflammation and you will see the complete results when your brand-new hair grows strong and healthy. Within a brief duration of usage, a healthy condition of your scalp can be brought back and kept. To make sure the ongoing advantage of the anti-inflammatory results of any scalp aid option, you need to keep in the house for a duration of numerous weeks or months.

How to Apply Face Serum Correctly?

The serum is a product for skincare, and one can apply it on the skin before moisturizing and after cleansing. It helps to deliver powerful ingredients in the skin. A serum is specially designed for delivering high concentration molecules for penetrating the skin. This is the best tool for targeting skincare concerns such as aging, wrinkles, and acne. Moreover, many people don’t know that the serum is not a complete moisturizer. Hence, it helps to retain skin moisture, but the product is not a proper moisturizer.

Apply serum

If you are the one who is looking to know how to apply face serum, then this is the perfect place to learn those steps. Well, the serum doesn’t work as a moisturizer as they deeply penetrated in the skin. For getting exceptional results, one should go for using the best nighttime and daytime serum. Don’t worry as we would also like to help you in this case. Always make sure to look for that one, which fits with all skin type. The reason is that you will not find any difficulty in applying. If you are not able to choose the right product for best Korean serum for oily skin results, then consider choosing the best serums on the market.

Choosing a serum

For normal skin

Those who have a regular type of skin, then you need that one which makes your face flawless. Always make sure to try that serum, which contains glycolic acid and aloe Vera. The reason is that both the ingredients helps to reduce redness and removes dead cells from the skin. Moreover, they deliver proper hydration to the skin. If you want to go further, then consider adding rosehip oil in the ingredients.

For acne skin

At the time of selecting the serum, you have to make sure to look for vitamin C, Benzoyl peroxide, retinol, and salicylic acid. The reason is that these are active anti-acne ingredients. Moreover, the salicylic acid present in the product heals the existing acne in the skin. There is a need to understand one thing, and it is to use the serum at night. It is because salicylic acid can cause sunburn. Applying at night helps to see positive results. You can also take help from professional Korean serum team for getting more information.

For dry skin

Always make sure to use the hyaluronic and glycolic acid for retaining skin moisture. These two ingredients have the power to deliver full moisture to the surface. You have to use both the items with the serum to see great results. If you are facing problems related to aging, then consider going for choosing that one, which has peptides and retinol for rebuilding healthy skin. If possible, always select that serum, which can be used in both nighttime and daytime.

Washing your skin before applying serum

The first step to do is to thoroughly clean the skin with a scrub or a face wash. It is because to make sure that your skin exfoliates the germs and dirt. You don’t have to do the process quickly as one should massage the entire area of the face in circular motions, and then rinse off with water. Washing helps to determine that it removes excess oil and dirt. For better results, you have to face wash daily, and apply the serum 2-3 times in a week. If you still don’t know how to do, then don’t watch the tutorials.

When you are using a thin serum

The amount of serum only depends on the type of ingredients present in it. If you are the one who is using a thinner product, then consider using this in the form of applying one drop to the finger. You have to apply one drop on the hand and then, rub it to the cheek. Repeat the same process all over the face by gently rubbing in the upward direction.

When you are using a thick serum

There is a need to warm the serum before you go for applying it. The reason is that the product is thicker and needs to be warmed. After doing the process, you have to drop 3-5 drops on the hand, and then rub it together. Now, you have to use gently move your hands on the skin and apply the serum on the face or take help from a professional oily skin team.

To sum up, all these are the top steps to follow for applying the face serum correctly. Don’t forget to choose the best product that is best suited to your skin type.

How to Use Body Wash?

Body wash has the magical power to turn your boring bath into interesting one

Daily morning everyone takes a gentle bath to maintain skin care and for freshness. Even a few would like to take bath daily during at night after coming back from office. During that time there is a need for you to have some washing aids to wash your body.

Not all the body washes are best that are available on online store. So there is a need for you to choose the best body wash. You may think there are lots of soaps are there leaving that why there is a need for you to make use of the body wash? It is because the body wash make your work simple and it is easy for you to use. When compared to the women men’s are making use of it regularly because they are the one who does multiple works on the same day.

How to apply your body wash and change fresh?

The body washes to act as a great way for you to clean your body while you are taking shower or bath. Most of the body washes would have the smooth texture that would gives you a good feel. Before starting to make use of it there it is required for you to know few tips and that are listed below.

  • Have a look at the body wash that contains the hydrating ingredients and it is required for you to avoid the body wash that contains chemicals, harsh ingredients and additives.
  • Get a body wash that is fragrance and sulfate free as like sodium laureth, cocamidopropul betaine and syrip.
  • You can avoid the body wash that would lathers or foams a lot.

When you are clear with it then there is no need for you to worry whether it hurts or harms your body when you apply them.

Start using once when your doubt got clarified

Once when you came to know that the body wash is safe to use then you can start using it and enjoy while you are taking bath. When you are fresher then you can follow the listed steps to start enjoying your new body wash.

Step 1: You can use a small amount of the body wash.

Step 2: Apply the body wash to your body with a wash cloth that would make you to feel comfortable with it.

Step 3: Avoid using them for your face because it may increase the skin irritation or you can find dry patches in that area.

Step 4: Rinse the body wash off with warm water after that pay your body and dry it.

You can make use of your hand, loofah and washcloth and body brush while you are using the body wash.

How to Use Body Wash?

Things that you should keep in mind

Before starting to use there is a need for you to choose the right shower gel for you. To find out latest body wash then you can click here to navigate more interesting body washes. There it is required for you to choose the smell that you like because while you are using it you should enjoy.

Along with that there is a need for you to know your skin type during that time it is required for you to consider the allergies and the skin sensitivities. It is required for you to consider the multi use shower gel. Check out these things before you start using it

  • It suits for different sensitive skin.
  • Easy for you to apply and enjoy.
  • It should not irritate your skin at any cause.
  • It gives you a good company while you are taking shower bath.

Scent Dinners with Chandler Burr…. In Italy!


If you’re in Italy for Fragranze, join our good friend Chandler Burr for a fabulous evening of food and fragrance!

Experience a Scent Dinner with Chandler Burr in Florence, Rome and Venice

Attendance by reservation only
reserve your Scent Dinner now

A Scent Dinner is the combination of two stimulating experiences, where fine dining and a master class in scent meet. Two experiences take place at the same time: the first, an olfactory and invisible dinner, the second a culinary one where scents are translated into a tasting menu.

It’s a collaboration between perfume critic and connoisseur Chandler Burr and three culinary masters, the enthusiastic and creative executive chefs from Restaurant Etichetta, Restaurant Vivendo, Restaurant Terrazza Danieli. One scent menuinterpreted by three chefs, each creating a personalized and tailored culinary experience according to his philosophy and ideas.

During each dinner, guests are invited to consume an olfactory course made of scent raw materials and les parfum gourmands used in renowned perfumes, followed by a culinary creation inspired by those perfumes and made entirely of food raw materials. The evening travels between two senses.

Saturday 15th September
Restaurant Etichetta at The St. Regis Florence

Tuesday 18th September
Ritz Ballroom at The St. Regis Rome

Thursday 20th September
Restaurant Terrazza Danieli at Hotel Danieli

Scent Dinners are available by reservation only
at Euro 120 per person
wine pairing, service and taxes included

Guests are encouraged to make reservations as seating for the events is limited.

Learn more about Chandler Burr
Watch a video on a Scent Dinner
Read the interview on Style (Magazine by Corriere della Sera)

Fashion’s Fragrant Night Out


Fragrance holds its own for Fashion’s Night Out. Here’s where you’ll find us. Where will you be?

  • Meet Master Perfumer Francis Kurkdjian at Bergdorf Goodman and Osswald
  • Kim Kardashian signs True Reflection bottles at Lord & Taylor
  • Oscar de la Renta shares his Essential Luxuries fragrance collection at Saks Fifth Avenue
  • Juicy Couture on Fifth Ave launches Viva la Juicy la Fleur
  • Bond No. 9 unveils Manhattan at the Meatpacking boutique
  • At Sephora Fifth Ave, meet designers Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig,who introduce Marchesa Parum d’Extase
  • Meet Co-Founder Lev Glazman and Artist R. Nichols at Fresh on Bleecker, as they launch their special edition collection of wrapped soaps
  • Head to L’Occitane  for a complimentary hand massage. Free gift tote filled with scented goodies with your $65 purchase

Beyond the Message in a Bottle


Capturing New Revenue Streams Through  Innovative Scent Applications, Delivery Systems and Purpose
A frontliner panel discussion with leaders in the business of aroma

Moderator: Caroline Pieper-Vogt, President, Scent Marketing Institute

Panelists: Pamela Vaile, President, Pamela Vaile LLC
Karen Dubin, Founder and Director, Sniffapalooza
Kate Greene, Vice President, Marketing, Givaudan


Shh, Can You Keep A Secret?


I was attending one of those swanky wedding luncheons recently and happened to be sitting near a group of Gucci-clad ladies speaking in hushed tones about the Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) 2012 Sunscreen Report. One lady whispered to another, “If you think sunscreen ingredients are dangerous, fragrances are even worse and the ingredients aren’t even listed on the package!”

If you are reading this, then you are a true blue fragrance lover. And being the fragrance connoisseur that you are, you are probably already aware of the fracas in our industry over the safety of fragrance ingredients. You may have even accidentally listened in on conversations similar to the one I heard.

In case you aren’t aware, back in 2010, EWG, a highly visible, seemingly science-averse activist group, posted a report on its website entitled “Not so Sexy: Hidden Ingredients in Perfumes and Colognes.” This report was not published in any peer-reviewed scientific journals but purported that fragrance ingredients are not safe. The report was touted by some media outlets as an exposé on the deadly secret ingredients found in the most popular fragrances on the market. It appears the ultimate goal behind the EWG Report was to misinform and scare consumers all the while spurring Congress to introduce “full disclosure” legislation. Full disclosure legislation would require fragrance manufacturers to reveal all ingredients contained in their proprietary fragrance compositions. This is in direct contradiction to intellectual property laws.

In its report, EWG denounced the fragrance industry by saying outright that manufacturers are deliberately hiding all kinds of dangerous, unpronounceable, synthetic chemicals by not listing them on labels. That not listing them is a “loophole” in the Federal Fair Packaging and Labeling Act that manufacturers love to take full advantage of.

EWG also says that these hidden ingredients cause anything from hormone disruption to cancer. EWG’s marker of danger is that if you can’t pronounce the ingredient, it must be bad for you. We all know that’s not true. All scientific disciplines contain difficult to pronounce terminology that has nothing to do with safety.

The truth is that there is nothing sinister or deceptive about not listing every single ingredient in a fragrance. In fact, in the US, no individual fragrance ingredient is required to be labeled. Perfumes and cologne labels are 100% compliant with just “fragrance” listed on the package. There is no tricky “loophole” here. It is important to note too that the European Union is strengthening its current intellectual property laws to mirror the US.

Unfortunately, some activists groups are banking on, insultingly so, consumers’ lack of familiarity with intellectual property laws. A “fragrance” composition may be composed of just a handful or even several hundred ingredients. This is legal and is not a “red flag” that your favorite fragrance is destroying your health.

The real secret that EWG isn’t telling you is that fragrance compositions are trade secrets which are a protected form of intellectual property much like a patent, copyright or trademark. Many food and cosmetic products contain flavor and fragrance trade secret compositions which are legal. This is nothing new.

Under current law, a cosmetic manufacturer may file a a patent or a trade secret for its formula. The reason patenting a fragrance formula is not a good option for the industry is because unlike trade secrets, patents must be published and they expire after a specified time. Once published, the formula is there for the world to see. And copy. By knowing all ingredients in a fragrance composition, a competitor company can try to recreate it through reverse engineering. Reverse engineering works by dismantling a product formula, its ingredients and percentage of usage and then putting it back together in a similar or identical form and marketing as its own.

Perhaps the most famous trade secret of all is the Coca Cola® formula. It has been kept as a trade secret asset for over 100 years. That trade secret protection has shielded its competitors from attempting to reverse engineer, or copy its formula. If the owner had patented the famous formula, then intellectual property protection would have been lost forever upon the expiration of the patent. Coca Cola® may not have survived as a brand if competitors copied the formula after the patent expired.

This is a perfect example of why full disclosure legislation should be defeated. Activists say consumers have a “right-to-know” what is contained in those mysterious “fragrance” formulas. Actually, they don’t have a right to know. Because current trade secret law says they don’t.

What consumers do have a right to know is that fragrance formulas are safe. And they are safe. The Research Institute for Fragrance Materials (RIFM) was formed in 1966, in an effort to provide research on commonly used fragrance materials. The organization performs toxicity tests, allergy testing, as well as phototoxicity testing. After testing, the results are sent to IFRA, the International Fragrance Association, for evaluation. IFRA then determines the safe use of the material and sets standards for it.

There is no cult of secrecy in the fragrance industry and activist groups like EWG know this. The fragrance industry is not operating through a sinister loophole or attempting to deceive the public. They have a legal right to label their proprietary blends simply as “fragrance” just as Coca-Cola labels its famous recipe as a “flavor”.

Trade secrets provide economic value as well as boost creativity in industries populated by small and medium-sized companies. Piracy of proprietary information eventually weakens the competitive advantage such information provides and dampens the incentive for innovation.

Contrary to what activist groups would have you believe, trade secrets are good for the fragrance industry, good for the economy and good for spurring innovation. The industry cannot and should not acquiesce to activist pressure as it would mean giving away our legally protected intellectual property rights and possibly losing our most beloved fragrances.