How to Apply Face Serum Correctly?

The serum is a product for skincare, and one can apply it on the skin before moisturizing and after cleansing. It helps to deliver powerful ingredients in the skin. A serum is specially designed for delivering high concentration molecules for penetrating the skin. This is the best tool for targeting skincare concerns such as aging, wrinkles, and acne. Moreover, many people don’t know that the serum is not a complete moisturizer. Hence, it helps to retain skin moisture, but the product is not a proper moisturizer.

Apply serum

If you are the one who is looking to know how to apply face serum, then this is the perfect place to learn those steps. Well, the serum doesn’t work as a moisturizer as they deeply penetrated in the skin. For getting exceptional results, one should go for using the best nighttime and daytime serum. Don’t worry as we would also like to help you in this case. Always make sure to look for that one, which fits with all skin type. The reason is that you will not find any difficulty in applying. If you are not able to choose the right product for best Korean serum for oily skin results, then consider choosing the best serums on the market.

Choosing a serum

For normal skin

Those who have a regular type of skin, then you need that one which makes your face flawless. Always make sure to try that serum, which contains glycolic acid and aloe Vera. The reason is that both the ingredients helps to reduce redness and removes dead cells from the skin. Moreover, they deliver proper hydration to the skin. If you want to go further, then consider adding rosehip oil in the ingredients.

For acne skin

At the time of selecting the serum, you have to make sure to look for vitamin C, Benzoyl peroxide, retinol, and salicylic acid. The reason is that these are active anti-acne ingredients. Moreover, the salicylic acid present in the product heals the existing acne in the skin. There is a need to understand one thing, and it is to use the serum at night. It is because salicylic acid can cause sunburn. Applying at night helps to see positive results. You can also take help from professional Korean serum team for getting more information.

For dry skin

Always make sure to use the hyaluronic and glycolic acid for retaining skin moisture. These two ingredients have the power to deliver full moisture to the surface. You have to use both the items with the serum to see great results. If you are facing problems related to aging, then consider going for choosing that one, which has peptides and retinol for rebuilding healthy skin. If possible, always select that serum, which can be used in both nighttime and daytime.

Washing your skin before applying serum

The first step to do is to thoroughly clean the skin with a scrub or a face wash. It is because to make sure that your skin exfoliates the germs and dirt. You don’t have to do the process quickly as one should massage the entire area of the face in circular motions, and then rinse off with water. Washing helps to determine that it removes excess oil and dirt. For better results, you have to face wash daily, and apply the serum 2-3 times in a week. If you still don’t know how to do, then don’t watch the tutorials.

When you are using a thin serum

The amount of serum only depends on the type of ingredients present in it. If you are the one who is using a thinner product, then consider using this in the form of applying one drop to the finger. You have to apply one drop on the hand and then, rub it to the cheek. Repeat the same process all over the face by gently rubbing in the upward direction.

When you are using a thick serum

There is a need to warm the serum before you go for applying it. The reason is that the product is thicker and needs to be warmed. After doing the process, you have to drop 3-5 drops on the hand, and then rub it together. Now, you have to use gently move your hands on the skin and apply the serum on the face or take help from a professional oily skin team.

To sum up, all these are the top steps to follow for applying the face serum correctly. Don’t forget to choose the best product that is best suited to your skin type.