The Fragrance Foundation Presents Top Notes


From our friends at The Fragrance Foundation:

TopNotes Course #1 – Olfactive Trend Report 2011 – 2012

The content covers the following:

  • Current Consumer Insights
  • Historical Reference & Current State of the Fragrance Industry
  • Why do olfactive preferences change among consumers?
  • Historical references & key fragrance launches of the past
  • Women’s and Men’s  Olfactive Preferences
  • Top 20 Fragrances, USA and Global, as reported by Givaudan iPerfumer
  • Future Olfactive Forecasts
  • Olfactively-significant recent fragrance launches
  • Women’s and Men’s olfactive forecasts
  • Key Learnings

Requirements: There are no specific requirements.  Any certified fragrance sales specialist, fragrance industry executive, or fragrance enthusiast can register and access the TopNotes Courses.

Registration: Online registration is open as all of the TopNotes Courses are offered throughout the year.  The content for each course will be updated every 12 to 18 months as new trends emerge.